New Point Set for Farmall Cub, Cub LoBoy, A, AV, Super A, Super AV, B, BN, C, Super C Tractors, FREE SHIPPING!!!


$ 11.55

New Ignition Points Set for International and IH Farmall Tractors:

Cub,  Cub LoBoy,  A,  AV,  Super A,  Super AV,  Super A-1,  Super AV-1,  B,  BN,  C,  SUPER C,  H,  HV,  Super H,  Super HV,  M,  MV,  MD,  MDV,  Super M,  Super MTA,  Super MD,  Super MTAD,  O4,  OS4,  O6,  OS6,  ODS6,  W4,  Super W4,  W6,  WD6,  Super W6,  Super W6TA,  Super WD6,  Super W6TAD,  W9,  100,  130,  140,  200,  230,  240,  300,  330,  340,  350,  400,  450,  460,  560,  606,  and 660.

For International Harvester 4-cylinder gas engines with IHC distributors.

NOT for Prestolite brand distributors.  Prestolite distributors were aftermarket or optional on some tractor models.


Important information below, please read.

This ignition point set will ONLY fit the ORIGINAL IH Distributors that are typically mounted horizontally.  There were various aftermarket replacement distributor assemblies made for International Harvester engines.

Due to the various internal differences from the original IH distributors this ignition point set can NOT be used in aftermarket replacement distributors. Externally the aftermarket distributors may look almost identical to the original IH distributor but they have different internal design tolerances.

The last photo shows where typically the part number is cast on the outside of the housing on an original IH distributor.  If your distributor has no part number cast in the base it is most likely an replacement aftermarket distributor.

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