Welcome to the Salvage and Equipment Yards

Here you will find new and used items we have on the equipment yard at burchstoretractors.com.  Our NEW and USED equipment in inventory changes constantly and salvage tractors are stripped till bare and then recycled.

Please have a look around our salvage and equipment yards.  If you find a piece of equipment or a part on a salvage tractor,  email or call us for a quote.  Most tractors on the yard are for used parts salvage.  Some tractors on the salvage yard were complete and usable and were driven off the trailer and onto the yard to be parted out.

Email us with your needs at the link below.  Please provide as much detail as possible so we can get the accurate quote back to you promptly.  We can provide you more detailed photos if you need additional information than shown.

We have attempted to break down the inventory into manageable groups so you can quickly see what we have in stock.  Please note that you can click on the images to get an enlarged image of the item.

Again, please have a look around our yard.  You may never know what you may find.

The last photo inventory of the yard created over 500 photos.  The selected photos for each category only show the highlights. This does not include the parts removed from salvage tractors and equipment and stored individually after dissembled.

Finally, we have added a "What's NEW " section to "The Yard" menu to link to our Facebook page.  We are using these pages to show our most recent additions of used and salvage tractors and equipment.  You can just click HERE to see "What's NEW"  in the equipment and salvage yards at Burch Store Tractors.

Thank you for stopping by.

Brandon Radford