John Deere Salvage Tractors has several John Deere tractors available for salvage.

We also have several John Deere Model M tractors available for parts.  The John Deere Model M is the most popular row crop style John Deere tractor in our salvage yard.

We have several pieces of equipment for the John Deere Model M tractor.  The equipment currently in stock is the John Deere MT2, 2 bottom moldboard plows, and most of the cultivator equipment for the John Deere Model M tractor.  Over the years, we have acquired several John Deere Killefer M404 disc harrows for the John Deere Model M.  The M404 disc in the pictures below have been purchased and have gone to a collector in Florida.  We have several sets of front, rear wheel, and nose weights available for the John Deere M tractor.

Instead of trying to list all of the individual parts on our John Deere salvage tractors, we have attempted to provide you with detailed photos of the tractors we have on the yard.  If you need an used part for any of the John Deere tractors listed below, please scroll down and have a look.  Contact us if you are interested in any parts.  Email us for availability and a price quote.  If you will provide us us a Zip Code, we can also include a shipping quote.  You will receive a prompt response to your request.

If a particular photo does not show enough detail for you to make a decision to purchase, just drop us an email.  We can provide detail photos of any specific item you are inquiring about by email to ensure confidence in your purchase.  This is our attempt to bring the salvage yard to the convenience of your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

So please take a minute and see what we currently have to offer.  You can do this without the travel, heat, or cold or disappointment that the item you need is missing or not suitable.

Below is a list of the John Deere salvage tractors that are currently on the yard.

Several John Deere Model M tractors, weights, and most cultivator parts are available.

John Deere 1010 Diesel

John Deere 1010 Gas

John Deere 40S

John Deere 420

John Deere 430 with power steering

Click on any of the images below to get an enlarged view.  If the image does not enlarge when clicked on, please allow "pop ups" in your browser. 

Email or call regarding availability and pricing of any of the John Deere parts and equipment in the below photos.

Brandon Radford

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