Farmall A, Super A, 100, 130, 140 Series Tractors

International Harvester Corporation built the first of their offset row crop tractors in 1939. This tractor was designated as the Farmall A . The Farmall A was International Harvester's  first tractor model to feature the "Cultivision" design. The Cultivision design allowed the operator an unobstructed view of the cultivator by "offsetting" the engine and drive train to the left. This allows the operator to set on the centerline of the tractor and look straight down on the row being cultivated. This was one of the most important design features of the Farmalls.

The Farmall A also featured IHC's Farmall Pneumatic Lift-All option which used engine exhaust pressure to lift the cultivator. This was a revolutionary design at the time that replaced the back breaking cultivator hand lifts. The Lift-All feature was a high maintenance item and few of these have survived intact over the last 60 years. The Farmall A was powered by a C-113 engine (113 CID)  producing approximately 16 HP at the PTO. The Farmall A can be readily identified by the lack of a hydraulic unit block under the fuel tank found on the later model Farmall row crop tractors..

The successor to the Farmall A was the Farmall Super A which started production in 1947 which was either powered by a C-113 or C-123 engine, but was equipped with Farmall Touch Control lift system.  This system used hydraulic pressure to independently raise and lower separately the front and rear cultivators. This feature could lift and also place down pressure on the cultivators if required.  The Touch Control Lift feature was such a popular and reliable feature that it remained basically unchanged through the end of production of the Farmall 140's in 1979.

With the end of the Farmall letter series in 1954, IHC released the Farmall 100.  It was produced until the the arrival of the Farmall 130 in 1956.  The Farmall 130 was short lived with the introduction of the Farmall 140 in 1958. The Farmall 140 went under several sheet metal redesigns and other internal improvements till the end of production in 1979.

Offset Farmall tractors are the best choice for the gardener or small acreage farmer who does intensive cultivation of their crops.

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Farmall Cultivator and Fertilizer Unit Parts Photos 

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Farmall A, Super A, 100, 130, 140 Series Tractors Photos

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