Massey Harris Pony and Pacer Tractors

In our area, the Massey Harris Pony and Pacer tractors were mainly used by small-scale tobacco farmers and gardeners. We have had several salvage tractors with cultivators and PTOs, most of which have good straight sheet metal, and a few were in good enough condition to be driven off the trailer and onto the parts yard.

The Pony Model 11, which was Massey Harris's smallest row crop tractor, was built between 1947 and 1957 and powered by a Continental N62 1.0L 4-cylinder gasoline engine. It was rated at around 10 horsepower at the drawbar and was positioned as a low-cost alternative to the IH Farmall Cub, making it an attractive option for small acreage farmers.

The Massey Harris Pacer Model 16 was built between 1954 and 1956, with less than 3,000 tractors produced. It was powered by a larger Continental Y91 1.5L 4-cylinder gasoline engine, which gave it approximately 18 horsepower at the drawbar. The Pacer was marketed as Massey Harris’s alternative to the IH Farmall Super A or John Deere Model M tractors.

Instead of providing a detailed list of parts for our Massey Harris Pony and Pacer tractors, we have provided below photos of various current and past tractors in our salvage yard. If you need parts for your Pony or Pacer tractor and do not see it listed, please email us to check availability and price. We can also provide more detailed pictures of any item you're interested in. As always, we'll respond promptly to your request and offer quick shipping when you purchase.

Please take a look at what we typically have to offer for your Massey Harris Pony or Pacer tractor without the hassle and expense of traveling, dealing with heat or cold, or the disappointment of finding that the item you need is missing or unsuitable for your working tractor or restoration project. Click on any of the images below to get a closer look. If the image doesn't enlarge when clicked, please allow "pop-ups" in your browser.

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