New Thermostat Retainer Snap Ring For IH Farmall And International Tractors, 257441R2, 105-22212


$ 7.95

New Thermostat Snap Retaining Ring for IH Farmall and International 140,  130,  100,  200,  330,  340,  404,  Super C,  424,  and other tractor models with the IH C-123 or IH C-146 engines.

Replaces Case IH retaining ring part numbers:  257441R2,  105-22212,  35364.

This thermostat snap ring holds the thermostat in the tractors engine water neck.

Installation hint: On many IH tractors the previous owners may have removed the thermostat and discarded this retainer ring.  Over time the groove this ring fits into will become filled with rust and scale.  Thoroughly clean the groove with a pick or other pointed tool to allow the ring to seat correctly into the groove securing the thermostat in place.

If the antifreeze has been neglected in past this retainer ring will often be badly corroded and can not be reused.

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