New Thermostat Spacer for IH Farmall And International Tractors, 690798C1


$ 14.95

New Thermostat Spacer for IH Farmall and International 130,  100,  200,  330,  340,  404,  Super C,  424,  and other tractor models with the IH C-123 Engines.

Will also fit late model IH Farmall Super A tractors with pressurized cooling systems.

Replaces Case IH Thermostat Spacer part number:  690798C1.

This spacer goes between the thermostat and snap ring, as shown in photo number 3.  The original thermostats were thicker which did not require the spacer.  This original style of thermostat is no longer in production.  This spacer is needed when replacing the thermostat to securely hold the thermostat in place.

The spacer is NOT needed on later model C-123 engines which had the later style water neck housing as shown in photo number 4.  The later model water necks were manufactured by IH to accept the thinner style of thermostat.

Photo number 5 shows the earlier style of water outlet neck which requires the spacer.

Note: Early model tractors as Farmall A,  B,  BN, Early Super A tractors and others have a similar style upper radiator neck housing as shown in photo number 5.  These early tractors do not have a thermostat since they have unpressurized cooling systems.  The radiator neck housing will not have the groove manufactured into the housing to allow for the thermostat and snap ring.

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