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Woods Mower Brace.

Woods Equipment part number 467.


Used on the below listed Woods Equipment Products.

80UVH-6 Multi-Spindle
C80 Multi-Spindle
CO80 Multi-Spindle
D-80 Multi-Spindle
D-O80 Multi-Spindle
L306AC/WD Undermount and Mid-mount
L306U Undermount and Mid-mount IH B, BN, C, Super C, 200, 330, 404; JD A, B, 30T
L59AC/WD Undermount and Mid-mount Allis-Chalmers WD, WD45
L59U Undermount and Mid-mount IH BN, 330, 404; JD A, B, 30T, 40T, 320T, 330T, 420T,
M80-4 Multi-Spindle (1958)
M80-5 Multi-Spindle (1958)
MBO80 Multi-Spindle (1963)
MCO80 Multi-Spindle
MD-80 Multi-Spindle
MD-O80 Multi-Spindle
MO80-6 Multi-Spindle (1959)
O80-5 Multi-Spindle (1958)
O80-6 Multi-Spindle

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