Transmission Bearing Retainer - Cage for Farmall 140, 130, Super A, 100 Tractors, 47281D


$ 29.95

Transmission Bearing Retainer - Cage for IH Farmall and International A,  B,  BN,  C,  Super A,  Super C,  100,  130,  140,  200,  230,  240, and other tractor models.

Case IH bearing retainer cage part numbers: 47281DA,  47281D.

Retainer cage as shown, sealing o-ring NOT included.  Please see the information below if o-ring seal is needed.

Please note: Anytime this bearing retainer cage is removed the square cut o-ring seal should be closely inspected. It is often dry and brittle and if not replaced can result in a slow oil leak from the transmission case.

We also stock this Bearing Retainer - Cage O-Ring for leak free rebuild.

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