Oil Level Indicator Petcock for Farmall A, AV, BN, C, H, M, Super A, Super C and Other Tractor Models


$ 15.80

New Oil Level Indicator Petcock for IH Farmall Models:  A,  AV,  B-450,  BN,  C,  F12,  F14,  F20,  F30,  H,  HV,  I12,  I14,  I4,  I6,  M,  MTA,  MTAV,  MV,  O12,  O14,  O4,  O6,  OS4,  OS6,  Regular,  Super A,  Super AV,  Super C,  [ Super H,  Super HV,  Super M,  Super MV,  300,  400 (Early) ],  Super MTA,  Super W4,  Super W6,  Super W6TA,  W12,  W14,  W30,  W4,  W6,  [ 100,  130,  200,  230,  350,  450 (Distillate or Kerosene) ] Tractors.

McCormick-Deering: 10-20,  15-30,  and 22-36 Tractors.

Replaces Case IH Petcock part numbers 1998TA and 118536.

3/8" pipe thread.

The oil level petcock screws into the side of the oil pan and allows checking of of oil level on above listed tractors NOT equipped with oil dip stick.

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