New Old Stock 14 inch Plow Share for Ford General Purpose and Heavy Duty Series Plows

New Old Stock

$ 19.95

New Old Stock 14" Inch Plow Share for Ford New Holland Moldboard Plows with General Purpose (GP) and Heavy Duty (HD) Series Moldboard Plow Bottoms.

Ford 14" inch, and 16" inch plow shares will interchange.

This is a 3 bolt plow share.  Ford 3 and 4 bolt plow shares are interchangeable.

Replaces New Holland Ford and aftermarket plow share part numbers: 7100369,  105205A,  LFD144,  RSF144,  7100370,  105207A,  LFD164,  RSF164,  913450,  OF14,  F421A,  91311,  F422A,  8631,  F421C,  8831,  104441,  FF163.

1st to 2nd bolt hole is 5-3/4" inch apart.

2nd to 3rd bolt hole is 4-3/8" inch apart.

Measurement is taken from center of bolt hole to center of bolt hole.

Please check measurements before ordering to ensure correct fit.

Tillage parts labeled as "New Old Stock" are from various manufacturers. These items will fit and function correctly but vary in color or slightly in shape due each manufacturer's unique pattern. They could be from the original equipment manufacturer or any number of aftermarket suppliers such as Weise, Adams, Osmundson, Crescent Forge, Veldmaster, Star, S&J Kitchin, Hamburg Plow, King Plow, C.F.C., Herschel, and others.  Some of these parts have been out of production for many decades. The brand of tillage parts will vary as inventory is acquired.   There may be some surface rust due to long term prior storage.

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