New Old Stock 14 inch Plow Share for Ford General Purpose and Heavy Duty Series Plows

New Old Stock

$ 19.95

New Old Stock 14" Inch Plow Share for Ford New Holland Moldboard Plows with General Purpose (GP) and Heavy Duty (HD) Series Moldboard Plow Bottoms.

Ford 14" inch, and 16" inch plow shares will interchange.

This is a 3 bolt plow share.  Ford 3 and 4 bolt plow shares are interchangeable.

Replaces New Holland Ford and aftermarket plow share part numbers: 7100369,  105205A,  LFD144,  RSF144,  7100370,  105207A,  LFD164,  RSF164,  913450,  OF14,  F421A,  91311,  F422A,  8631,  F421C,  8831,  104441,  FF163.

Please check measurements before ordering to ensure correct fit.

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