New Old Stock Pair of Cultivator Shields

New Old Stock

$ 54.95

New Old Stock Pair of Cultivator Shields.

These cultivator shields are used on Pittsburgh and various Multi-Row Cultivators.

Cultivator Shields are also referred to as Cultivator Fenders or Panel Cultivator Shields.

The price is for (2) cultivator shields, LEFT and RIGHT shields, as shown.

The shield is 30" inches in length and are 6-3/4" inches in height.

The mounting arms are 12" inches long.

Shields are constructed from durable 16-gauge metal to ensure dependable, long-lasting performance.

These cultivator shields could easily be repurposed to fit most all styles of cultivator assemblies.

Cultivator shields run next to the plants to prevent the soil from covering up or damaging small plants.  This allows for better weed control and much faster cultivation speeds with less plant damage.  This results in less time spent cultivating, better weed control and healthier plants. 

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