New Drive Chain for Massey Ferguson Planters, 359929X1


$ 74.95

New Planter Drive Chain for Massey Ferguson Model 39,  37,  41,  44,  46,  78,  468,  and Other  Planters.

The price is for quantity one 10' foot roll of chain as shown.

Chain link outside width is 15/16" inch.

Chain link inside opening width 19/32" inch.

Replaces AGCO Massey Ferguson planter drive chain part number 359929X1.

This replacement drive chain is also used on many Massey Ferguson planters and fertilizer units.

Individual chain links are detachable so a chain of any length can be created.

Links or sections of links can be used to repair existing chain.

Referred to also as flat, ag, or farm chain in some parts of the country.

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