New PTO 18.4 Inch Belt Pulley and 1 3/8 Inch 540 RPM PTO Shaft Insert, Replaces Woods Part Numbers 10720 and 4001


$ 174.95

New PTO Shaft Belt Pulley Assembly for Woods and other Tractor Mounted Mowers.

Replaces Woods Equipment part number 10720 (Pulley) and Woods Equipment part number 4001 (1-3/8" inch 6 spline 540 RPM PTO insert).

This pulley and insert allows mounting on the tractor's 540 RPM PTO output shaft.

The diameter of the pulley is 18.4" inch.

Pulley comes complete with new 1-3/8" inch 6 spline 540 RPM standard PTO insert.

Please measure and make sure this is the correct diameter pulley before ordering.

This is NOT an offset pulley, please see photos.

Used on numerous Woods Equipment Products mowers and other brands of tractor PTO belt driven mowers.

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