New Rear Wheel Mounting Lug Bolt for Farmall 140, 130, Super A, 100, B, BN, A and Other Tractor Models


$ 2.49

New Back Wheel Center Mounting Bolt with Lock Washer for International and IH Farmall 140,  130,  Super A,  100,  A,  and Other Tractor Models.

This bolt is for attaching the RIGHT side rim center to final drive axle hub.

Left and right rim center to axle bolts are NOT the same for the above listed  tractors.

On IH Farmall model B and BN tractors these bolts are used for mounting BOTH left and right wheel centers to the axle hubs.

Bolts are 9/16-18 X 2-1/2" inch,  SAE Grade 5 with heavy duty lock washer.

Please measure your bolt before ordering to ensure you receive the correct part.

Left or right side is determined by setting in the operators seat. The left side is the engine side of these offset tractors.

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