New IH Farmall Tractor Cultivator Rear Spring Rod Lock Collar, 1430BA, 516595R11


$ 12.99

New Back Spring Rod Lock Collar with Set Screw for IH Farmall 140,  130,  Super A,  100, Cub,  A,  B,  C,  Super C,  200,  230,  and Other Tractor Model Cultivators.

On IH Farmall C,  Super C,  200,  and 230 these clamps are used on the front and rear cultivators pressure rods.  Most pressure rods use two (2) clamps per rod.  This Lock Collar is also used in many other models of IH, McCormick, and Farmall cultivators and planters.

Replaces Case IH part numbers 1430BA and 516595R11.

Price is for one locking collar with correct square head locking bolt as shown.

Quantity 2 used per rear cultivator spring rod as shown.


This lock collar frequently is used on many different models of IH planters and fertilizer units equipment.

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