New Brake and Clutch Pedal Return Spring for Farmall Cub or Cub LoBoy Tractor, 350951R1


$ 6.95

New Brake and Clutch Pedal Spring for International and IH Farmall Cub or Cub LoBoy Tractors.

Replaces Case IH spring part number 350951R1.

Quantity 1 spring as shown.

This spring is the used for the pedal return springs for both brakes and the clutch pedal for a total of 3 springs per Cub tractor.  This spring loses tension and stretches over the years resulting in a pedal that does not fully return to it up most position when released.

A quick check is to pull up on the pedal. If the pedal is not fully up against its stop you will want to check the condition of your current springs.

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