New 12 Volt Electronic Ignition Kit for Farmall 100, 130, 140, 200, 230, 240, Super A, Super C, Cub, and Other Tractor Models


$ 149.95

New 12 Volt Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit for the following IH Farmall and International Tractor Models:  100,  130,  140,  200,  230,  240,  300,  330,  340,  350, 400,  404,  424,  444,  454,  504, 600, 650,  A,  AV,  B,  BN,  C,  Cub,  Cub 154 LoBoy,  Cub 185 LoBoy,  Cub LoBoy,  H,  HV,  M,  MV,  Super A,  Super C,  Super H,  Super HV,  Super M,  Super MD,  Super MDV,  Super MTA,  and Other Tractor Models with C-135 Engines,  C-146 Engines,  C-153 Engines,  C-157 Engines,  and C-175 Engines.

Upgrades your old style mechanical ignition to modern electronic type for 12 volt (-) negative ground systems for IH distributors reference part numbers:  353893R91,  353890R91,  357935R91,  353898R11,  353890R1,  356657R91,  353891R91,  362722R91,  3666069R91,  381687R91,  534444R91,  380622R91,  302473R91,  366928R91,  375423R91,  375423R91,  and 380622R91.

Replaces electronic ignition conversion kit part numbers: 21A303D,  EH4.

Important information below, please read.

This high quality electronic ignition conversion kit will ONLY fit the ORIGINAL IH Distributors that are typically mounted horizontally.  There were many aftermarket replacement distributor assemblies made for International Harvester engines.

Due to the various internal differences from the original IH distributors this ignition kit can NOT be used in aftermarket replacement distributors. Externally the aftermarket distributors may look almost identical to the original IH distributor but they have different internal design tolerances.

The last photo shows where typically the part number is cast on the outside of the housing on an original IH distributor.  If your distributor has no part number cast in the base it is most likely an replacement aftermarket distributor.


No more ignition points to clean or adjust!!!

Eliminates having to clean burnt or corroded ignition point contacts and provides a consistent clean hot spark for easier starting, reduced spark plug fouling, and better overall performance.

For optimum ignition performance, pair this electronic ignition kit with the matching High Output Ignition Coil.

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