New Disc Assembly Inner Bearing Cup for International Disc Plows, ST863, FREE SHIPPING!!!


$ 19.95

New Inner Bearing Cup for International McCormick Farmall Disc Plows.

Commonly used on International model A-151,  F-153,  Cub-152,  Cub-151 and various other model disc plows.

This will ONLY fit above listed disc plows with replaceable cone bearings.  International offered a option for a non-replaceable bearing hub assembly.

Replaces Case IH bearing part numbers: ST863,  1-31-722-006,  102149H1,  104612H1,  174125,  21882670,  21883670,  22365V,  22365V0,  530937R1,  530938R1,  712588,  80174125,  81803419,  87775647,  95058R1,  9N4222,  A26678,  BN31232,  CLA1798280,  O2879AB,  PO12994,  S94410,  TH5968,  TRA8062320,  V12019.


This bearing will cup also replace the below listed part numbers in other applications:

Allis Chalmers bearing part numbers - 011420,  11420,  210740,  250616,  3007156,  30071567,  4250616,  4250616-2,  508185,  55X3720,  706763,  7156,  7156-1,  73007156,  74250616,  E1037,  K1002,  MA1604.

J. I. CASE bearing part numbers - 02879AB,  A26678,  XA25899.

Cockshutt bearing part numbers - FXS17,  P10253.

John Deere bearing part numbers - F882R,  JD7297,  JD7297R.

Fiat Allis bearing part numbers - 70210740,  73007156,  74250616.

Massey Ferguson bearing part numbers - 13116D,  195052M1,  195161M1,  3038990M1,  4025,  646619M1,  781826M1,  831363M1,  882252M1,  9N4222,  FJE5601,  S9829, TO4222.

Minneapolis Moline bearing part numbers - 0A10902,  10A10902,  C05287,  MM8,  MT7002.

New Holland bearing part numbers - 136812,  174125.

Oliver bearing part numbers - 125X1,  477,  9191,  AB5028,  AC0587,  C05287.

White Farm Equipment bearing part numbers - 195052M1,  195161M1,  3-1247,  831363M1,  982645,  9N4222,  MM8,  MT7002,  P10253,  S9829.

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