New Complete Hydraulic Block Rebuild Kit for Farmall 140, 130, Super A, 100, 200, C, Super A-1, Super AV, Super AV-1, Super C Tractor. FREE SHIP


$ 114.95

New Complete Hydraulic Block Rebuild Kit for International and IH  Farmall 140,  130,  Super A,  100,  200,  C,  Super A-1,  Super AV,  Super AV-1,  and Super C Tractors.

Replaces Case IH part numbers below:

354354R3,  350429R1,  128999,  350646R1,  9706714,  353771R3,  355967R1,  350651R1,  355352R1,  354007R94,  354007R95,  354007R96,  354007R93,  354007R92,  350657R1,  354007R91,  70935118,  350672R1,  461173R1,  86553262,  238-6326,  350658R1,  350684R1,  75285739,  350706R2,  350706R3,  352221R1, 353771R2,  355966R1,  352024R2,  238-5114,  235760,  350667R1, 253070R1,  86629543.



The above listed tractors also use quantity 2 control rods boots and quantity 2 piston boots.  These boots often crack due to age and wear allowing dirt and debris that damages the hydraulic system.

Clean filtered hydraulic fluid is the best way to ensure long trouble free Touch Control hydraulic system operations.

Please make sure your hydraulic unit filter / screen is clean and undamaged before placing your rebuilt hydraulic unit back in service.

We also stock new hydraulic unit replacement filter / screen if yours is in need of replacement.

ALL Farmall Tractor Hydraulic related parts

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