New Complete Hydraulic Block Rebuild Kit for Farmall 140, 130, Super A, 100, 200, C, Super A-1, Super AV, Super AV-1, Super C Tractor. FREE SHIPPING!!!


$ 109.99

New Complete Hydraulic Block Rebuild Kit for International and IH  Farmall 140,  130,  Super A,  100,  200,  C,  Super A-1,  Super AV,  Super AV-1,  and Super C Tractors.


Replaces Case IH part numbers:

354354R3,  350429R1,  128999,  350646R1,  9706714,  353771R3,  355967R1,  350651R1,  355352R1,  354007R94,  354007R95,  354007R96,  354007R93,  354007R92,  350657R1,  354007R91,  70935118,  350672R1,  461173R1,  86553262,  238-6326,  350658R1,  350684R1,  75285739,  350706R2,  350706R3,  352221R1, 353771R2,  355966R1,  352024R2,  238-5114,  235760,  350667R1, 253070R1,  86629543.


The above listed tractor also use quantity 2 control rods boots and quantity 2 piston boots. These boots often crack due to age and wear allowing dirt and debris damaging the hydraulic system.

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