New Genuine Zenith Carburetor for Farmall A, B, BN, C, Super A, Super C, 100, 130, 140, 200, 230 Tractors, USA MADE!!!


$ 389.95

New Genuine Zenith Carburetor for International and IH Farmall A,  A-I,  A1,  AV,  AV-1,  B,  BN,  C,  Super A,  Super C,  100,  130,  140,  200,  230,  and Other Tractor Models.

This is a genuine ZENITH carburetor made in Bristol, Virginia, USA by Zenith Fuel Systems.  Look for the cast logo on the side of the fuel bowl.


Replaces Case IH Carburetor assembly part numbers below:

3454892R92,  352047R91,  352377R92,  354184R93,  354185R92,  354892R91,  354892R92,  354892R93,  355485R91,  355485R92,  356901R91,  356902R92,  362384R91,  362385R91,  366306R91,  366306R92,  366306R93,  366462R94,  372098R93,  372983R91,  372985R92,  373957R91,  373959R91,  373961R91,  373962R91,  373978R91,  375560R91,  377600R91,  385507R91,  385608R91,  48616D,  52499DA,  52499DB,  52499DC,  52499DD,  52499DE,  69401D,  69402D,  and 69404D

Replaces below listed carburetor manufacturer part numbers:

ZENITH Carburetor part numbers:  10514A,  8808,  8928,  9167,  9749,  9752,  10386,  10522,  11115,  11188,  11340,  11704,  12115,  12122,  12123,  12225,  12285,  12475,  12522,  12613,  14007,  and 9167A.

MARVEL SCHEBLER Carburetor part numbers:  TSX156,  TSX157,  TSX171,  TSX198,  TSX319,  TSX333,  TSX730,  TSX744,  TSX926,  and  TSX348.

CARTER Carburetor part numbers:  UT,  UT2257S,  UT26125,  UT652,  UT734S,  and UT771SA.

Carburetor comes with the carburetor to intake manifold gasket as shown.

We also stock New Carburetor Mounting Studs to attach the carburetor to the intake manifold.

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