LEFT Hand Shin For John Deere Moldboard Plows, A51082, A15606, AA14887

New Old Stock

$ 19.95

New Old Stock Plow Shin for John Deere LEFT hand plow bottom (2 way moldboard plow) with 16 NU (New Universal) or 18 NU (New Universal) style plow bottoms.

Replaces John Deere part numbers A51082, A15606, and AA14887.

Please check measurements before ordering to ensure correct fit.

A standard moldboard plow normally turns the soil to right (viewed from rear) and is sometimes called a RIGHT hand plow.  LEFT hand moldboard bottoms are found on plows referred to as flip plows, 2 way plows, tumble plows, hillside plows, roll over plows, and reversible plows depending on the area.

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