Front Coulter Mounting Bracket for International Moldboard Turning Plows, 515797R1


$ 44.95

Front Coulter Mounting Bracket for IH Farmall McCormick 1 Point Fast Hitch 1-F296 Moldboard Plows.

These 1 Point Fast Hitch 2 bottom moldboard plows are very popular and commonly used on IH Farmall International 140, 130, 100, and Super A tractors.

This coulter mounting bracket will also fit the following International Harvester Moldboard Plows:

189,  193,  1AV-193,  214,  215,  295,  296,  314,  A-189,  A-193,  A-295,  A-295-A,  AV-193.

Case IH part numbers: 520836R11,  515797R1.

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