Cole 250 lb Fertilizer Hopper Hose Spout Connector, HN-17


$ 39.95

Cole 250' lb. Fertilizer Hopper Spout Connector.

The price is ONLY for the cast iron part shown in the photo number 1 thru 3.  The last two photos show were the connector is located.

Commonly used on single and multi-row fertilizer attachments.  The 250' lb dry fertilizer hopper was commonly used as a fertilizer side dresser attachment on IH Farmall,  Kubota L245H,  and many other offset tractor models.

These hopper spouts are also used on many toolbar mounted multi-row Cole side dressers implements and dry fertilizer applicators.

Cole Manufacturing Fertilizer Hopper Spout Connector part numbers: HN17,  HN-17.

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