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Here are additional photos of our Farmall Cub tractor specific attachments, equipment, and Cub tractors we have on the yard at

We  have several 193 moldboard plows in both Plow Chief and other moldboard bottom styles and disc plows such as the C-152 Disc Plow for Cub tractors in stock along with finish and  C-22 sickle mowers.  These are some of the most popular pieces of equipment for the Cub tractor.  Also, we have a large collection of Cub belly mounted planters and mounting gear in stock, both as complete units and salvage planters for repair parts for your planter unit.  We also usually have in stock items such as a Cub 54A front push blade.

We are constantly on the lookout for the unusual  and unique Cub items.  These are attachments like the C-16 Middlebuster,  Cub Fast Hitch cushion spring, or Fast Hitch mower for a Cub, which we occasionally have in stock.  One of the owners more unique Cub items is a 1950 mid January production Cub tractor equipped with a Henderson trip bucket loader . It is currently unavailable for sale awaiting a decision whether to restore it back to its original White Demonstrator paint scheme. 

Also, at any time we have several good usable Farmall Cub tractors for sale.  Most of the Farmall Cub tractors we have for resale are in varying conditions ranging from good usable garden ready to well maintained and lightly used Cub tractors in excellent condition.

Please take a moment and have a look around and remember to contact us for any of your Farmall Cub tractor needs.  We will be glad to assist you.

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Brandon Radford


Cub Tractor Belly Disc Plow   

Cub Moldboard Plow     farmall cub 152 disc plow   

Cub c22 sickle mower     farmall cub plow chief plow

cub tractor moldboard plow     cub drawbar plow  

 cub belly disc plow   

cub tractor c3 cultivator    c16 cub middlebuster

cub moldboard plows    cub tractor cultivator   

farmall cub tractor for sale     international cub tractor for sale  

cub tractor for sale    farmall cub good condition for sale   

cub tractor with loader    farmall cub tractor with henderson loader   

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 cub tractor with loader       cub c22 sickle mower      

farmall cub tractors and implments for sale