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This page is a sampling of the Farmall Cub Tractors we currently have on the salvage yard at  As you can see from the photos, we have numerous salvage Cub tractors in various states of disassembly.   The salvage tractors are kept on the yard till all usable parts have been removed and then the remaining unusable and left over pieces are recycled.

If you are looking for any used parts for your Cub tractor, we more than likely have it removed and stored or in the yard on a salvage tractor.  We offer quick shipping (usually next business day) and prompt responses to inquires and questions about pricing and availability and interchangeability for parts within the Farmall Cub series.  Shipping is offered to both domestic and international customers alike (contact us for international shipping rates).

We will update the date stamp below any time images or information is removed or added on this page.

Click on any of the images below to get an enlarged view.  If the image does not enlarge when clicked on, please allow "pop ups" in your browser.

Please take a moment and have a look around and remember to contact us for any of your Cub tractor needs.


Brandon Radford


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