New All Fuel Sediment Bowl for Farmall A, B, BN, C, Super A, 100, 130, 140, Case, and Massey Harris Tractor Models, FREE SHIPPING!!!


$ 79.95

New All Fuel Sediment Bowl.


Sediment bowl will fit the following tractor models:

Case - [ C,  CC,  CC-3,  CC-4,  CCS,  CH,  CI,  CO,  L,  LI (Distillate (All Fuel Models)) ], [ LA,  LAI (To serial number: 4600027 using 2.315" tall glass bowl and Distillate (All Fuel Models)) ].

Replaces Case fuel bowl part number O1933AB.

IH Farmall and International - [ A,  B,  BN,  C,   I4,  I6,  Super A,  Super A-1,  Super AV,  Super AV-1,  Super C,  100,  130,  140,  200,  230 (Distillate (All Fuel Models)) ],  [ H,  HV (serial number: 50866 and up, Distillate (All Fuel Models)) ],  M (serial number: 24215 and up Distillate (All Fuel Models)),  MV (To serial number: 24215 and up Distillate (All Fuel Models)),  [ O4,  W4  (SN: 1130 and up Distillate (All Fuel Models)) ],  O6 (serial number: 1317 and up Distillate (All Fuel Models)),  W6 (serial number: 1317 and up) Distillate (All Fuel Models).

Will need to purchase 90 degree elbow for fuel line.

Replaces Case IH fuel bowl part numbers:  17215DA,  370831R91,  51495DD,  58361DAX.

Massey Harris - Fits: [ 102 Jr,  102 Sr,  22,  82 (Distillate (All Fuel Models)) ].

Replaces Massey Harris fuel bowl part number 4776G.

Oliver - OC-6,  18-28,  28-44,  70,  80,  90,  99 (KD, Distillate (All Fuel Models)) .

Replaces Oliver fuel bowl part number BS841A.

3/8" Pipe Inlet, (2) - 5/16" Compression Outlets. (For tractors with 2 fuel tanks).

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