New Old Stock Front Rim - Wheel Clamp for Farmall B, SA, SC, 100 and Other Tractor Models

New Old Stock

$ 9.95

New Old Stock Front Rim Mount - Clamp for IH Farmall and International A,  AV,  B,  BN,  C,  H,  HV,  I6,  ID6,  M,  MD,  MV,  O4,  O6,  ODS6,  OS4,  OS6,  Super WD9,  W4,  W6,  W9,  WD6,  WD9,  WDR9,  WR9S,  100,  130,  200,  230,  600,  650,  and 660 Tractors.

IH Wheatland: 400,  450 Tractors.

Case IH Rim Clamp part number 48976DA.

Came from a dealership liquidation. 

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