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Woods Equipment Flat Washer.

Woods Equipment part number 10440.


Used on the below listed Woods Equipment Products:

3-Point Mounting Kit 1012260
3-Point Mounting Kit 9262
BH650 Backhoe
BH650-1 Backhoe
BH650-2 Backhoe
BH650-2 S/N 2401 and Up Backhoe
BH650-3 Backhoe
BH650-3 S/N 4000 and Up Backhoe
BH6500 Backhoe
BH750 Backhoe
BH750-1 Backhoe
BH750-2 Backhoe
BH750-2 S/N 3301 and Up Backhoe
BH750-3 Backhoe
BH750-3 S/N 8000 and Up Backhoe
BH7500 Backhoe
Dozer Blade (11/65)

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