New Old Stock 4 Bolt Plow Share for Case Moldboard Plows

New Old Stock

$ 29.95

New Old Stock 4 Bolt Hole Plow Share for Case 400,  500,  7000,  and 8000 Series Moldboard Plows equipped with Case EXA,  EXB,  EXC,  EXD,  and  EXE plow bottoms.

Case 3 and 4 bolt hole plow shares interchange.

Case 14" inch and 16" inch plow shares interchange.

Case and aftermarket part numbers: T39127,  T39128,  T39131,  T39134,  T39135,  T39136,  63194,  63196,  63208,  LWC1416,  OC14-4,  OC144,  CS 16 4RS,  CS164RS,  LW C14 16,  LWC1416,  OC-16-4-RS,  T39135,  T62886,  E16FM,  CS 14 4RS,  CS144RS,  OC164,  OC16-4,  EE14.


Please check measurements before ordering to ensure correct fit.

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