Left Hand Plow Share for Massey Ferguson Moldboard Plows, 475169M1

New Old Stock

$ 29.95

New Old Stock Plow 4 Bolt Hole Left Hand Plow Share used on “N” Series Heavy Duty (HD) and Semi-Deep Tillage Massey Ferguson Moldboard Plow Bottoms.

This M-F plow share will fit 14 inch and 16 inch plows with 4 bolt hole shares.

Share will ONLY fit LEFT hand plow bottoms.

AGCO Massey Ferguson part number 475169M1.

Commonly found on Massey Ferguson Model 57 and 144 Reversible Plows.

A standard moldboard plow normally turns the soil to right (viewed from rear) and is sometimes called a RIGHT hand plow.  LEFT hand moldboard bottoms are found on plows referred to as flip plows,  2 way plows,  tumble plows,  roll over plows,  and reversible plows depending on the area.

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