New Old Stock International Super Chief Plow Share, 463228R1, 179350A1


$ 19.95

New Old Stock Plow Share for IH International and McCormick Super Chief (SC) Moldboard Plow.

Both the 14" and 16" inch plow shares has the same bolt pattern and will interchange.

Replaces Case IH and aftermarket part numbers: 463228R1, 179350A1, 463244R11,  463244R1,  463244, 179349,  LIMF143,  RSIMF143,  52383R51 524173R31, 463248R1 526773R3,  WLWI144,  Adams H836 SC,  0116RS,  0l16RS,  01 16 RS,  OL16S,  OI16S,  463227R1,  EWO14,  EW014, IH163,  IH 163,  IH 14-3,  LWI143,  LWI163.

Due to conflicting interchange information between aftermarket sources regarding this plow share please check measurements before ordering to ensure correct fit.  This will ensure you receive the correct plow share.

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