New IH Farmall Spring Trip Style Cultivator Shank


$ 79.95

New Cultivator Spring Trip Shank for International and IH Farmall 140,  130,  Super A,  100,  Cub,  A,  B,  C,  Super C,  200,  230,  274,  and Other Tractor Models.

These cultivator shanks will work with most all front,  center,  and rear mounted toolbars that use IH Farmall style clamping cuffs.  These cultivator shanks are the "spring trip" style that trip and fold back if the plow point hits a solid object to help prevent damage to cultivator or tractor.

If you need additional mounting cuffs or clamps to mount to these to your tractor's toolbar, we stock NEW toolbar mounting cuffs (sold individually) or USED toolbar mounting cuffs (sold as pair).

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