Vintage Garden Tractors and Attachments

Burch Store Tractors has collected quite a number of vintage garden tractors, walk behind power units, and a whole host of attachments and implements for them. They include various makes and models that range primarily from the 1940's to the 1970's with the oldest item being a walk behind cultivator from the 1930's built for Sears Roebuck and sold under the Handiman brand name.

Most customers are surprised to see these items here in the yard at Burch Store.  Since we are primarily an IHC Farmall and vintage row crop tractor and equipment reseller, our customers usually stop and look them over.   They almost always ask, "How we came by these items?"  Often, we purchase packages of tractors and equipment and sometimes these items are included.  They also come from auctions or individuals looking to downsize.

Occasionally, we have listed a few items on our eBay Store or sold several via word of mouth from visiting customers.  Over time, we have collected quite a few varied items and finally decided to add them into "The Yard" pages on our site since interest in this vintage equipment field is increasing.  This Google+ posting  Montgomery Ward Garden tractor with front end loader, rear dual wheels and 3 point hitch  has been surprisingly popular.

Not everyone has a barn, shed, or garage that they can store a Farmall Super M or even a Farmall CUB, but most people can find a place for a really unique vintage garden tractor.

Due to the large number of pictures, we have broken this category into three separate pages of photos for each product segment. The photos have been compressed to speed loading as much as possible and maintain decent  photo detail.  Even with compression,  these pages may be slow to load due to the large number of photos on each page so please have patience if on a slower connection.

Our first page covers older Economy / Jim Dandy / Power King and  Speedex  garden tractors.  Some of these are restorable, some of these are good for parts, a couple have hitches, hydraulics, and several have solid mowing decks.

Here is the link to the above first page: Economy, Jim Dandy, and Speedex Garden Tractors

Our second page covers several older IHC Cub Cadets, Sears Suburbans, a Case 446 , Wheel Horse, a couple very early David Bradleys, and a John Deere 70 garden tractor.  As before, some of these are restorable , some of these are good for parts, a couple have hitches, hydraulics, and several have solid mowing decks.

Here is the link to the above second page: Various Garden Tractors from the 1950's to 1970's

Our third and final page covers all the attachments and implements for older garden tractors. These are items such as harrows, moldboard plows, sickle bar mowers, cultivators, and other items. Also, here you will find several older David Bradleys and other walk behind power units and/or garden tractors.

Here is a link to the above third page : Vintage Garden Tractor Implements and Attachments

So please take a minute and see what we currently have to offer for the vintage garden tractor and attachment user or collector.  You can accomplish this without the time and expense of travel, heat, cold, or disappointment that the part you are looking for is missing or not suitable for your use or restoration completion.  If you happen to see something of interest, please contact us at the email below for additional information or photos.

Click on any of the images on the pages to get an enlarged view.  If the image does not enlarge when clicked on, please allow "pop ups" in your browser.

Brandon Radford

Burch Store Tractors