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Burch Store Tractors has several Oliver Super 44 and Oliver 440 tractors available for sale.  These two very low production Oliver tractor models are becoming almost impossible to find.  All NEW photos as of January 2017.

Burch Store currently has 2 very nice restored Oliver Super 44 tractors and several unrestored Oliver 440 tractors for sale. We also have front cultivators and fertilizer units and rear toolbars available for these Oliver Super 44 and Oliver 440 tractors.  Some tractors are equipped with cultivators and belt drive pulley options.

We also have several Oliver tractors available for used parts in the salvage yard:

Oliver 440 tractors available for used parts . One of these 440 salvage tractors is almost complete.  Most parts interchange between the Super 44 and the 440 tractors.

Oliver 70 Standard tractor available for used parts.

Oliver 77 Row Crop tractor for used parts.

Please contact us if you would like any additional information regarding pricing or availability of any Oliver tractors or used parts shown in the images below.

To view an enlarged image click on any of the photos below.  Take your time and view what we have to offer the Oliver enthusiast.

Due to the interest in the Oliver Super 44 and 440 tractors, we have included a large number of photos of these tractors.  Please be patient as this page loads as it is one of our largest and most viewed pages.

Due to the high number of views of the photos of our original Oliver Tractor page we have saved these photos.  These photos have been moved to the below link so they can still be viewed.

Original Oliver Page Photos

Brandon Radford



Oliver Super 44 Rear Toolbar   Oliver Super 44 Tractor Restored

Oliver Super 44 tractor rear view   Oliver Super 44 Tractor for sale

Oliver Super 44 or 440 Tool Bar    Oliver Super 44

Oliver 440 unrestored tractor   Oliver 440 tractors unrestored

Oliver 440 tractors to restore   Oliver 440 tractors for sale

Oliver 440 tractor wheels    Oliver 440 tractor unrestored left view

Oliver 440 tractor unrestored   Oliver 440 tractors several for sale

Oliver 440 tractor to sell   Oliver 440 tractor to sale

Oliver 440 tractor to restore   Oliver 440 tractor to buy

Oliver 440 tractor right side view    Oliver 440 tractor rear view

Oliver 440 tractor front view   Oliver 440 tractor for salvage

Oliver 440 tractor 3 point hitch   Oliver 440 salvage tractor for parts

Oliver 440 rear view   Oliver 77 tractor for salvage

Oliver 77 tractor for parts   Oliver 77 rear hitch parts

Oliver 77 for parts    Oliver 70 salvage parts

Oliver 70 tractor for salvage    Oliver 77 tractor

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