Farmall C, Super C, H, M Series Tractors for Salvage has several Farmall Super C, H, M series tractors available for salvage.

The larger letter series Farmall tractors are the second most popular family of tractors in Burch Store Tractor's salvage yard.  We have completely parted out numerous Farmall B, BN, C, Super C, H, Super H, M, and Super M tractors since entering the tractor salvage yard business.

Currently, we have several Farmall Super C and C tractors with good sheet metal, full cultivators, belt drive options, and 2 Point Fast Hitches available for used parts salvage.  Most all of our Farmall C and Super C tractors have come from eastern North Carolina where they were primarily used for tobacco cultivation.  The flat sandy soil is ideal for this 2 row cultivation tractor.

Most of the larger Farmall H and M series tractors came from the larger acreage farmers in our area and were mainly used for heavy drawbar work as in soil preparation for tobacco and grain crops.

The smaller acreage Farmall single row crop farmers in this area during the early 1950s all hoped to become prosperous enough to someday move up to a Farmall H or M series tractor to do the heavy duty work around their farms.  The farmer that had a new Farmall Super M during these years was the envy of all their Farmall owning neighbors.

We also have a very large amount of cultivator attachments and parts for these Farmall tractors in stock.  If you need any cultivator part or assemblies for any of these tractors, please contact us at our email address below for availability.

There are two uncommon items in the photos below that are somewhat unusual.  The first is the Farmall H tractor that has the original metal gear shift knob that was used during World War 2 production due to the severe shortage of rubber during the Japanese occupation of the rubber plantations areas of South Eastern Asia..

The other unusual item is an after market belt pulley hand cranking attachment on another Farmall H tractor.  Since the tractor was not equipped with an electric starter,  the operator could engage the belt drive attachment and hand crank the engine by spinning the wheel instead of using a hand crank from the front of the tractor.  This is the only one of these that we have ever run across and cannot attest to the safety or ease of use as compared to a conventional hand crank.  Even though the tractor was purchased locally, we have never spoken to anyone that had used this method to crank a Farmall H tractor.

Instead of attempting to list all of the individual parts on our larger letter series Farmall tractors, please view the photos below of these Farmall tractors we have currently in the salvage yard.  If you need a used part for any of these larger Farmall tractors, please email us for availability and a price quote.  We can also provide more detailed pictures of any item that you are interested in.  As always, you will receive a prompt response to your request along with quick shipping if you decide to purchase from Burch Store Tractors.

So please take a minute and see what we currently have to offer for Farmall C, Super C, H, or M tractors.  This allows you to look for the item without the time and expense of travel, heat, cold, or disappointment that it is missing or not suitable for your use or restoration completion.

Click on any of the images below to get an enlarged view.  If the image does not enlarge when clicked on, please allow "pop ups" in your browser.

Brandon Radford

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