IH Farmall C Tractor with Cultivator

Mounting a 2 row cultivator on an IH Farmall C tractor can sometimes be a daunting task.  This is especially true for the first time cultivator owner.  Burch Store Tractor purchased a Farmall C tractor with a complete C-254 2 row cultivator already mounted. 

We took detailed photographs of the cultivator setup for our use and decided to share them.  Below are approximately 20 images from all sides and every angle of this Farmall C tractor equipped with a 2 row cultivator.  Hopefully these images can be of use to anyone attempting to install a cultivator on a Farmall C tractor.  Also, these images of the front cultivator section may also be of use to the Farmall Super C owner.

This is a very large page and will load slowly.  These images are in no particular order and some are of different angles for the detail they provide.  The larger size images preserves the detail which is often very helpful.  Click on the images for an enlarged view.

Brandon Radford

Burch Store Tractors