Economy, Jim Dandy, and Speedex Garden Tractors

The most common older vintage garden tractor we have on the yard at Burch Store Tractors is the Economy brand.  Engineered Products in Wisconsin started building Economy tractors in 1946.  Later,  the Economy garden tractor was built under the Jim Dandy and Power King names.

We have Economy garden tractors going back to the very early chain steering model.  Some Economy garden tractors are equipped with hitches and hydraulics.  We have Economy tractors that are no hood, half hood, and full hood models.

Also,  we have a Speedex 1030 and  Speedex 840 model garden tractors.  Both of these later model Speedex garden tractors are complete and possible good candidates for restoration.

Here are a couple of interesting facts regarding the history of Speedex tractors.  Harold and Elmer Pond in 1935 started the "POND TRACTOR COMPANY", which built the Speedex tractor.  The Speedex Model B was the first 4 wheel riding garden tractor in the USA.  Around 1946 the brothers dissolved their partnership.  Elmer Pond  went on to found the "POND WHEELHORSE COMPANY",  located in Indiana.  Harold Pond then renamed his company to the "SPEEDEX TRACTOR COMPANY".

Below are the photos of Economy and Speedex garden tractors we have available.  Please take a moment and have a look around.  If you find any items that you are interested in, please email us for additional information.

Please click on any of the images below to get an enlarged view.  If the image does not enlarge when clicked on, please allow "pop ups" in your browser.

UPDATE 02-16-2017:  The "chain steer" tractor shown in the first row , second photo has been sold to a collector and is no longer available.

Brandon Radford